Monday, November 12, 2007

The Problem Is Real


It is denied by many. But it exists. Spousal Abuse happens in the frum community. In the frummest of homes. By some of the most respected individuals.

If you don't believe it's real, read this book to open your eyes a bit.

Just like the blogs got the ball rolling and forced the community to do something about the epidemic of child abuse festering in it's midst, it's time to do the same with regards to another sickness within the community - spousal abuse!

Like child abuse...spousal abuse ruins the lives of innocent people.
Like child abuse...spousal abuse is about ruthless people taking control and abusing those less powerful than them.
Like child abuse...spousal abuse has existed for decades in the frum community, but has been repeatedly swept under the rug.
Like child abuse...spousal abuse reports have not been treated appropriately by the rabbonim and other community leaders.
Like child abuse victims...spousal abuse victims were not given a voice or believed when they cried for help.
Like child abuse perpetrators...spousal abuse perpetrators have been given a free pass to continue their transgressions.

Isn't it time to do something already?

Let's speak up and expose this horrible scourge once and for all.