Sunday, November 18, 2007

A valuable resource - Shalom Task Force

I received this by email:

For those Suffering in Silence, you need be silent no longer, there is Help! Shalom Task Force, an organization with important haskomos (rabbinical approvals), available on request, has been helping frum victims of spousal abuse for over ten years. There are affiliates throughout the US. The main form of assistance is a Confidential HOT LINE. In NYC the # is (718)337-3700. Outside NYC Toll Free (888)883-2323. The trained volunteers who answer the phone are frum, empathetic women, extremely knowledgeable about domestic violence. They are available to just listen, or can provide referrals as necessary in various cities. Your story will remain confidential since no identifying information is collected. You will find a listening ear to vent to, a skilled partner to develop a safety plan with, and most of all--validation of your terrible pain, and daily suffering. Abuse hurts. You are not alone. It hurts to call a domestic abuse hot line--it hurts more not to. Do it for yourself and do it for your children.

Here is a brief article about Shalom Task Force.